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i totally agree.. there sales would dwindle if they release it too late.. by that time there'll be a lot of tablets to choose from.. and as equally as good or even better than what the adam has now..i wonder if they can make it.. they didnt even created a buzz lately at the computex..
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I think Nokia should buy Microsoft and Google. Definite business advantage in that.

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Sorry to pull this thread up from the dust....but seemingly the adam tablets preorder is right around the corner.. rumoured to be the 9th of Dec.

So.. its ARM architecture right so this means meego will work on this device at some point in the future? (provided there are drivers?)

They seem fairly dedicated as a company - made their own market place, lots of driver support, got a bunch of investors, FCC approval, already started work on their next device and that Rohan creator dude seems like he genuinely just wants to make an awesome product...oh flash air support too

Either way, this has been selected as my new toy for the was the entourage edge until I discovered this baby
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you can only combine things that are all open source together easily.
just one undocumented closed-source driver or any attempt to lock the device from being updated makes things a lot more difficult. so, no, i wouldn't bet on this being updatable to meego.

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This thread poses a good question.
If Nokia is too lazy to make killer hardware, they should just buy Notion Ink.

But I doubt this will happen and Nokia will try to get back into the game.
They've started with N900's great processor, N8's great camera, improvements in Symbian ... but things seem to be proceeding at snail-velocity, maybe they will speed up early 2011?

If Great Hardware + Great Software + Good Package(fair priced) is not delivered by Nokia in 2011 they will lose their dominancy forever. It's that bad.
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The rumor has that Notion Ink is backed by the RICHEST man of India Mr. Mukhesh Ambani's Reliance Industries. The deal is not out in the public yet but is expected to be soon.

Mr. Mukhesh Ambani also appears in the top 20 richest people in the world.

The point here is Nokia buying Notion Ink is extremely unlikely.


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look at the thickness of that thing.
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I think that Nokia makes really good hardware, actually. Sometimes the styling can be questionable, but the devices are generally good. I think Nokia really needs to capitalize on the software, though, and hopefully MeeGo is a step in this direction.

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