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Originally Posted by teroyk View Post
It run 33Mhz 486 so speed wont be problem.

Ski or Die


Frontier: First Encounters
It needs only 33Mhz on PC so speed wont be problem
These 3 are DOS games, so you could try to run them in DOSBox.
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Did anyone say Sim City (open source:Micropolis) yet?
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need for speed most wanted
the best cars/racing game i ever played
that will be very thankful if some1 ported it for our beloved N900

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this game can use openGL but not sure if the source available somewhere ( i searched but i found nothing... ) still would be awesome if it is ported

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Nitdroid and counter strike for android , Running very well
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imagine we have half life on n900!it would be great
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Originally Posted by mayhem View Post
imagine we have half life on n900!it would be great
I have seen half life working for unreal engine, you loose the jabber mouthsand I think it breaks some scripted scenes but I believe that it is playable through. They hacked together something mostly for PSP, I never really got it moving as files were difficult to track down without joining several forums and gave up.
Here is a video of it in action and hopefully some links to follow.

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