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I just write to point you to a prove of concept Terminal called TermKit with, in my opinion, good rudiments. It's created using WebKit and several other technologies. They are, as far as I know, all aviable at Maemo and MeeGo.

  • Smart token-based input with inline autocomplete and automatic escaping
  • Rich output for common tasks and formats, using MIME types + sniffing
  • Asynchronous views for background / parallel tasks
  • Full separation between front/back-end

Have a look here:

In my opinion perhaps a good enhancement for our small pocket computer with touchscreen. Luckily nobody is forced to use something like that at Linux. But knowing about the possibility is... nah, you know.

Nosy? Check out the Code at GitHub:

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That looks... odd.

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Originally Posted by pelago View Post
That looks... odd.

Then have a look here: (click to see it full-scale)

...breathe deeply and try to keep cool, pelago!
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I like terminals... It makes you feel pro. (I got a green font, too! )

This app is written for WebKit. And as we all know, Qt WebKit is the closest we get, but that's not the full experience, either. (Doesn't work in WebKit. Tested.)
Sounds like the Maemo edition needs to be made in Qt or PyQt.

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