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If Nokia ever deliver it (and since they're not even acknowledging it currently that's a long way at best) then I might have a look at it. Until then it's just another piece of vapourware.

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Originally Posted by ericsson View Post
When are you bunch going to grow up... <snipsnip>
You can't troll me.

The N9 will live on for sure, in a multitude of incarnations. Why? because Swipe is the most ingenious UI philosophy yet to be seen, and because of the design. The N9 redefines the concept of cool.

We (at least I do) have a very interesting time ahead. Bada with Tizen, Maemo++ with Qt on billions of devices. For the first time I actually start to worry about WP. But at the same time, the mobile market is so incredibly large that WP is bound to have a place.
I appreciate you writing up some details behind some of the elements that conjured my positive feelings.

Perhaps, for a completely emotionless flavor, you should go Android?
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These are the Words that Nokia Have been Speaking ever Since N9 Launch Day
Qt for the Next Billion
Swipe UI will live on in future Products
Now we Know where and it could possibly be Nokia's saviour from the cheap Chinese devices eating up the Feature Phone Market Share in far east

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This sounds great! Imagine if they get it perfectly tuned for low powered devices. it will be easier to scale up than opposite.

Maybe this was the plan how to get rid of Intel???

Maybe they can get things done right at last.
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Don't care if they call it low-end or not. if it uses a linux distribution similar in capabilities and openness to Maemo, i will definitely buy it.

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I just can't get enthusiastic about this type of news anymore. XYZ "Linux based" OSes are lurking around, but is any of them what we want it to be? Mind you, Android is also "Linux based". If someone had told me that in 2011 we would have this many "Linux based" smartphones, but (almost) not a single one with a normal GNU/Linux stack, I wouldn't have believed.

That said, I do hope that the quantity will eventually bring us some more quality: I am just not willing to busy-wait for it anymore.

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Originally Posted by sony123 View Post
This is great news, and I am feeling this is what qgil has been hinting to us: meltemi = qt + linux kernel + webkit + swipe ux. If the execution is well this will have a big impact to the market. Imagine a mini n9 available for < $200.
very much agreed, though i would hope it would find its way into similar pricepoints as the upper end bada phones.
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Ok it's linux based but the fact that it (potentially) brings Qt apps to cheap phones could be a very good thing for Nokia and Qt developers.
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All this speculation is giving me wind......
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Really hard to take this seriously. Nokia now again trying to create new Linux based OS. What was wrong with previous one, and how are they going to make this work, if they couldn't make the previous one work?

On the other hand, lot of people in this community have spent lot time and effort on getting into Qt thanks to Nokia's previous strategy. Hopefully this will give something back to them as a return to that investment.

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