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I have Gmail set up in the default email client on my n810 using POP. The problem is when I write an email on my desktop and send it. The n810 gets it and thinks it's an incoming mail. How can I fix this?
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Strikes me as odd that nobody else has ever encountered this problem? or maybe they just have no fix for it?

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Hey killdeer.....the same thing occurs for me as well. I don't think that there is any way to "fix" this. Your e-mail client on the N810 is both retrieving mail from and sending e-mail through your Gmail account, so any/all mail would be captured by the e-mail client. The same thing also happens to me when I'm using Evolution (on Ubuntu). I'm not aware of any way to change this. Hope this helps.
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Isn't this about the "All" folder which is a default virtual folder in GMail that includes ALL sent an received mail? Or does this pop up in the Inbox itself in Modest?
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Modest seems to download EVERYTHING. Because the sent emails show up directly in the inbox. There is no "All Mail" folder on modest.
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On my N800, Modest saves my gmail to my external SD card, how can I change it so that it saves to my internal card?
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If you're using Gmail, don't use POP - use IMAP. It's much better at handling these sorts of issues, and Google support it directly now.
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i am at work and not able to access gmail on my desktop but i believe that there is a setting that says deliver a copy of all sent email to my inbox. i suspect you have that checked off
but do as @jaffa says imap way better mail protocol

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Thanks guys I'll try that out. Everything I found in my search said that people were having problems with Gmail and IMAP. I guess that's been fixed since
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IMAP is the way to go anytime you can.
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