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I have received the package as well, thanks everyone!

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Got the device today, will safekeep it in mint condition until there's a key Nemo developer who has a N900 and can't continue developing for Nemo because of it going broken. In which case I'll ship it to him/her.
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Aaah, after a long, painful journey the parcel arrived today. Unbelievable how often I had to call tnt and how often the delivery man don't even rang the bell even if I was at home. Oh well, hopefully never again tnt...

Sadly the content and the box of the N900 was heavily damaged but the Device seems intact to me!

I will make good use of it. Promise! Thanks for the great competition.
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Lucky you, I'm still having problems with TNT for shipping taxes
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Also my N900 finally arrived safe and sound.

Thanks for all the added goodies, my metallic-USB-flash-drive collection grows larger !
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Hi All,

This weekend I had some time to work on my app location2sms. I committed several bug fixes and a new feature for including short URL to the location at Google Maps to the content of the SMS. The source code is available under GPLv3 licence at gitorious.


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