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I have tmobile. Youtube hasn't worked on my phone for about 2 months now. I keep on getting a static screen with the message Error. Please try again. I've tried watching videos in every youtube app for n900 and I keep on getting server not found. I've played with flash switcher and changing the user agent and nothing has worked. Is this happening to anybody else ot is it just me. I think it may be tmobile's servers that is causing this but I called them and they told me that it's Youtube that's causing this issue. If anybody can help me please let me know how to fix this problem. I really would like to get youtube back.
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Having no problems with CuteTube QML here on both 3G (Vodafone UK) and Wi-Fi. Cutetube is one of the best ways of viewing Youtube vids on N900, IMO. Viewing Youtube via MicroB is absolutely chronic, there's so much going on in the background of that site that causes too much skipping.

Have you tried over Wi-Fi at all? If it works then it's almost certainly a network issue.
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Great suggestion on cutetube, never had a issue with it.

Interesting links:

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