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I am happy to announce the initial release of cuteTube-QML, the QML re-write of cuteTube.


Version 1.3.3 is now available for Maemo5, which fixes the YouTube playback/download error. The Debian package is available from
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I'll download and give a quick test for bugs.

Exceptional work!

After searching for a video (in the results screen), if there aren't a lot a load of videos, it will scroll past the last one and the empty space will be focused.

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Nice. Going to download and test right now. Thanks marxian.

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Nice job, it mostly works really well. Missing fatures I found so far were the inability to sort the serach result by date, views etc. and not being able to search users videos. Also the program crashes when you scroll down to the end of a videolist.

EDIT: it doesn't seem to always crash, but sometimes it does, and not always when scrolling down a videolist, it's a bit random

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Another Kudos for your hard work.

Will download and test. Thanks again.
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Used it for quite some time...Awesome app..very neatly done...No crashes for me till now and works flawlessly..thanks again...!!!!
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f meeee awsome app very well done, wish all n900 apps looked like this. Great work son, also what do you mean about adult videos?
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Quick question:
Does this fix the bug that won't verify your YouTube account info? Original app didn't want to sign-in due to verification of account not working, yet my info is all correct.

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I canīt see my subscriptions or my favourites. No videos found is the respone when clicked. I have logged in with my Gmail account.
Have I missed something?

Hope you manage to get an internal player to work with it.
I liked that with the CT-app
But I know there where some problems in QT with the player.

Nice work though!
Looks promising

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Thanks marxian.
Already install it. Though I cannot see my subscriptions. I will keep the python version longer, as it is working perfectly for me.

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