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here is somthing interesting.. now that google have youtube or vice versa and you can sign into ur youtube account with eith your youtube id or mail id, if i login with gmail i get no saved or uploaded videos, but if i log in with my youtube account i get all my vids. there both linked accounts too so i cant see how this happens
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do i have to uninstall the regular version of cutetube for this one to appear in the repositories? canīt seem to find it.
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Originally Posted by Acidspunk View Post
do i have to uninstall the regular version of cutetube for this one to appear in the repositories? canīt seem to find it.
@Acidspunk (nice name by the way) It didn't appear for me at first. Go to terminal
sudo gainroot
apt-get update

Then search again in repos and it should be there.

@marxian. I can't seem to play any videos. It starts media player, says connecting, then I get the notification banner pop up and say "unable to play media. Video codec not supported" I have extra decoders installed and have tried 8 different videos?
Also, I have downloaded a video, but where does it save to as default? It's not on my memory card or MyDocs folder.
By the way, the videos I tried work in original cutetube.
Do I need to download anything else to make this work properly for me?

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Update repositories . . .
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Nice work Marxian.

One little suggestion: the search icon is too tiny while, for most users I think, it would be the most used feature. I really prefer the layout of the old version with the big icon for search in the home screen.

In non full screen mode, could it be possible to show the back button in top right and menu options in the application menu instead of over the screen as in the full screen mode? And, could you add a setting to start in full screen or not?

Thanks for your work.
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Top app! Great layout! Leave it this way! Clean and simple!
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A really great app, especially the UI!!! Gosh it is so cool, although everything except MENU,BACK,EXIT and 4 buttons(My channel, Most recent, most viewed and archive) could be bigger: search, settings, and about screen. Just a bit. but everything else is great!
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My heart skipped a beat when I read about this on the bus on my way home.

Thanks Marxian!
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cuteTube doens’t seem to load my subscriptions
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Hi, I have cutetube v 0.9.10-5, but this new cutetube-qml doesn't show up as an upgrade to the old version, it shows up as a different app altogether, also there is no icon, am i correct or am i doing something wrong?

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