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as for the new video ipod I must admit. For the price and space you get a lot, but you sacrface a lot of screen space. 2.5 inch? Sure the video are a silky 30 fps but sony psp can do that too! Just the ipod has more storage and getting videos is a bit easier I guess... but the PSP still has the bigger screen and 30 gigs whoa... too much I'm happy with 4 gigs for a portable anyway...

lets just hope the nokia 770 can run videos at 30 fps... then i can be happy
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Well I guess Sony missed the opportunity on the PSP. While they thought that UMD movies is a great idea, here come Apple, selling $2 videos. But then again, the PSP doesn't have a hard drive.
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It's so gorgeous and would be such a good match to my iBook and iMac... but I'll stick to the Nokia 770 (for web, pdf, video etc) + nokia smartphone (for music and connectivity + camera). Still, the new iTunes video store is such a great thing (for watching on the pc, the iPod's screen is too small)
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Originally Posted by Reggie
Ok, no Apple Tablets. The main competitor of the 770 this holiday season is only the Palm T|X I guess.
Maybe Life Drive...

Lets go Nokia... Release the 770!

PS. I can see Apple doing an internet tablet...someday soon..
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So much for that stupid NetMac rumoroid (like a hemmorhoid -- found next to an *******).

The Apple Store should have them to fondle next week.

That new 20" iMac sounds great!

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