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I'm selling my old Jolla and my TOHKBD v2.

The phone's condition: used for 2+ years, had random rebooting problems but after testing it over a month ago ago (tested it for a month) the problem seems to be gone. Small cratches in the screen and other signs of wear. Yellow area in the upper left corner of the screen (visible in the picture).

Jolla Snow White cover, pristine & unused.

Charger: used, working

Charging cable: pristine & unused

Battery: NEW and unused, bought when Jolla had some for sale.

TOHKBDs: used briefly, they are as good as new, cosmetic condition is described below. Both have Nordic layout.

Black base part, good as new

Black walnut signature edition keyboard part (has the TOHKB2 team's signatures on the wooden cover), looks good as new, keyboard briefly used.

Yellow base part (residues of black & red colour has stuck to the yellow keyboard cover from the black & red TOHKBD base cover, but that part is hidden until you remove the keyboard part), so it shows signs of use, but works good as new.

Red vinyl keyboard part, has some small black spots in it (my bad for keeping it in storage TOUCHING the black keyboard, which made the the small black dots, but fortunately it has the black vinyl cover, so the dots aren't very noticeable [and they aren't very noticeable anyways due to their small size], looks good with some signs of use, keyboard briefly used.

Pictures: [EDIT: No longer needed]

For one TOHKBD (the base and the keyboard part of your own choosing) + everything else: 180 + shipping, willing to ship worldwide

For 2 TOHKBDs and everything else, I haven't set a prize for this, but if you're interested, make an offer!

Shipping: I'm situated in Finland, so shipping to Finland is the cheapest, Europe isn't that costly either. Detailed pricing (Finnish Posti):

For a gesture of goodwill, I'm throwing in an insmat screen protector for free. I also have access to 3D-printer through my school, so I'm willing to print any of the parts in red/green/white if you want and add it to your order for free!

I'm more than happy to reply to questions, picture requests and any other inquiries about the products for sale.


The phone is sold!

Last edited by Thoke; 2017-04-04 at 10:39. Reason: The items are sold!

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Just out of interest: are you leaving? That would be a shame...
In particle accelerators atoms are indeed not only touching each others. But banging together in a massive explosive orgasm.
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No, definitely not I have my other Jolla phone with me, and open-source environments have always been an interest to me. I will probably be more active here when I have completed all my studying, my plan is the studies will be about coding + open-source (now I'm studying setting up & configuring a variety of systems, so not much coding except for the embedded systems).

...and I'm selling my phone due to being a poor student now

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The items are sold! (except for the other TOHKBD, which I will keep for now)

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