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What. The. ****.

The last two images are very much gay porn!
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I noticed the pics too but the links say PCSX-2.jpg and PCSX-3.jpg
mistake maybe?

Originally Posted by smoku View Post
As diverted too much from the original topic, I am starting a new one for PCSX-m.
Nice way to start a new thread :P
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They weren't there initially, he edited them into the post...
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im sorry if im so noob and dumb but what's the format of the game files that can be played? same on psp's psx emu?
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Well, they are grotesquely out of place here. Can some Moderator delete them?
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Uh, so the last two images kind of look like gay porn to me rather than a PSX emulator.

Just in case you didn't notice.

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PLease remove the porn. Also, whats the status on this?
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why the hell is there gay porn on a maemo forum?! wtf!!
jeeezz! if ur going to put porn up then at least make sure its of a bunch of chicks.
This is ridicilous!

I am surprised this hasnt been removed yet
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last time i saw images go like that was when a site i used to host them got hacked.
all my images on my blog turned into granny porn
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Besides that porn thing (o.O), i've tried to download and install it through the repos...But when i try to use pcsx-m, it runs for about 5 seconds in a black screen then shuts down!
What's going on?

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