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Running application manager
reboots 770
web browser
reboots 770
mc run from Xterm
reboots 770

any workaround ?

tried to remove image from a screen to save on memory, but don't know how

set bluetooth off
and running
Application manager
770 rebooted immediately

Selected Control panel
Disabled GPS location

selected memory
and 770 rebooted immediately

Do I really need to wait 1 min
after each reboot ?

Waited 1 min
selected memory from Control panel and no reboot

10,8 MB available
1.58 GB avaliable on 2GB memory card

Trying to install youtube anyway.

Back to Application manager
Browser installable application
Updating stalled immediately
no chance to install anything ;(

Updating icon started activity after 1min
started stopped started stopped started stopped

Finally , after 10 min apps showed up,
trying to install mplayer

Unable to install mplayer ;(

How to stop app listing from updating every time ?

Unable to install mplayer but installed
mplayer 1.0rc1-maemo.27.n8x0 anyway

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You may have a corrupted swap file on your MMC card. Try to delete it. It will probably not improve anything, but is it worth trying.
Posts: 529 | Thanked: 46 times | Joined on Sep 2007
Thanks again.
Now 2008He runs ok.
Can open maemo mapper, Xterm, mc, run python2.5 , get connected to gps bt, WiFi and all of that at the same time.

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