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Originally Posted by inquisitive View Post
....... internet radio on the N770, ..... stations like Swiss Radio Classic.

What external outputs does the N770 have to connect it to other devices such as a speaker system or stereo?
Here are pictures of Nokia 770 playing Radio Swiss Classic through a home stereo system. It sounds good.

In the first picture, "Radio Swiss Classic" is displayed on the screen. The second picture shows the title of the work being played.

APOLOGY: Some members might consider it unnecessary to start a new thread in reply to However, the OP unfortunately titled that thread as a question about Pandora, even though it is clear that he (or she) is interested in using a 770 for internet radio, not necessarily via the Pandora site. Replies have tended to focus on the title rather than the content of the post.

The reason for starting a new thread is to get a new title, and to get away from Pandora. There is no need to balance an elephant like Pandora on the little 770. The Media Player in OS2008HE includes an excellent internet radio. Stereo output from the earphone jack can be fed to your auxiliary audio input, as shown in the photos.
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Does anyone know how to change the title of a thread on this forum? The topic would be expressed more precisely by:
770 as "tuner" for Radio Swiss Classic or other internet radio.

I tried to make the change but it didn't work. Can anyone help?

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