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I'm talking about this:

None of the guides I've found showed how to remove it, but others who messed around with their microUSB connectors all posted photos without that board. So how do I get rid of it? Thanks!

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You don't literally "get rid of it" - you can "unwrap" it, so secondary board will be lying next to main board, still connected via non-detachable flex cable.

Now, to the point - secondary board is glue'd to main board via 2-side adhesive foam tape. All you need to do, is *gently* apply force, and it will de-attach itself.

non-detachable flex cable is *very* vulnerable. By very, I mean, *very* very. If you allow it to twist freely while you're doing your job with main board, you're almost guaranteed to have it torn at the point, where it enters mainboard - practically, unrepairable. If not during that repair, then, when you decide to disassemble it again, for any reason.

My method to secure it in place is to *gently* twist it other way around - i.e. makign secondary board go *under* mainboard. then, I secure SB to MB by some easily removable tape - I used isolation tape, but any will do. The goal is to stop secondary board from moving, at all, thus not allow it to generate any tension on flex.

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