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Motorola C350
SPV C600 (branded HTC Tornado)
XDA Exec (branded HTC Universal, if you think N900 is big and heavy, check Universal - about 0,5kg with large battery )
XDA Flame
Nokia N900
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A KPN phone, Proably a Swing 6xx series.
Nokia 6230i, best phone i had.
Nokia N95
A n900, SiEMENS M65+SXG75, And a broken n82+3110 1997, And i gave my mom a 1110 as back up phone.
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Nokia 3310,Nokia 8210, Siemens C65, Nokia N-Gage Classic, I-Mate K-Jam, Nokia N73 (still having it),Motorola Razr Golden, Nokia N96, Nokia N900.. I am a nokia loyal, and after Nokia N96 i felt i was cheated by nokia.. but den Nokia N900 has made me nokia fan again

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Motorola TA-180, Nokia 5110, Nokia 3310, Nokia 3410, Siemens CX-65, Sony Ericsson K530i, HTC Desire + Nokia N950
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nokia 6610i a long time.. now galaxy s 2 and iphone4
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Numerous, some top of my head. Samsung flip back in 2001, Nokia 3450 (was it the first color one?), n70, n80 (lost), n96 (stopped working after a year), n900 (jan 2010), iphone4 16gb (august 2010), iphone4 32 sept 2010 (16gb was too less for apps, and gv it to my wife). Ordered LG Optimus 3D P920 sept 5th 2011 expecting it in week's time....
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Nice topic

My list of handheld computers, phones and smartphones :

2000 : Psion Siena 1MB (SIBO/EPOC 16), starting programming in OPL
2001 : Psion Revo+ (fantastic EPOC 32 OS, 2 years without reboot with me !), released my first OPL software, Smuggers)
2003 : Siemens SL45i, my 1st phone, almost a smartphone;
2003 : Nokia 9290 (Symbian & Series 80) from the Nokia Product Loan Program for Smuggers testing and development in OPL
2004 Q1 : Nokia 7650 (Symbian/Series 60), started trying OPL on it;
2004 Q4 : Nokia N-Gage (Symbian/Series 60), tasted PyS60, released RPGDice
2005 : Nokia 9500 (Symbian & Series 80)
2007 : Nokia N95 (Symbian & Series 60), the best smartphone !
2009/08 : Nokia N810, my first pocket Linux
2011/04 : Nokia N900 with 2 years of Nokia warranty, the best pocket Linux smartphone, sometimes I spend up to 6 hours reading and programming directly on it !

Siemens SL45i, Nokia 7650 were sold.
The Psion Revo+, Nokia N-Gage, Nokia 9500, N95 are working nicely until now.
But I everyday use the N900, with N810 and N95 for some uses and programming (Python and C++).

I am currently programming in PyQt/PySide por Maemo 4/5 and in PyS60 for Symbian/S60, and experimenting PySide/QML for MeeGo. Integral is my first software for Maemo.
Python, C/C++, Qt and CAS developer. For Maemo/MeeGo/Sailfish :
Integral, Derivative, Limit - calculating mathematical integrals, derivatives and limits. SymPy - Computer Algebra System.
MatPlotLib - 2D & 3D plots in Python. IPython - Python interactive shell.
-- My blog about mobile & scientific computing ---
Sailfish : Sony Xperia X, Gemini, Jolla, Jolla C, Jolla Tablet, Nexus 4. Nokia N9, N900, N810.

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trying to remember

samsung a660
samsung sph 600
motorolla razr
iphone 3gs
blackberry bold
nokia n900
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had a Psion 5Mx
at the time, the NOKIA 9000 had a SIM & 2G but simply was out of budget

then i got my 1st mobile, a 7110
used it as a modem with the Psion
for some time i was travelling between two contries & needed a 2nd phone there, so i got an Alcatel with a prepaid SIM; oddly enough, was half the size of the 7110 but already had most if not all of its features, short of the NOKIA (proverbial?) ergonomic design.

7650 was the 1st phone i got together with a (2 yr) contract but kept the Alcatel with its prepaid because it had better coverage
got a 6230 from work; when i left the job, took over the phone & the nbr. as a prepaid

7710; was looking into 770 at the time, but didn't have SIM, thus no go
the 7710 was a calamity, eventually bought a 1100 & put the sim in it; considering the 7710 clumsiness, didn't even miss it

N95; again, looked @ N810 (or was it N800?), again, no SIM...
got a Samsung i780 (or 780i?) (with wm) from work;
used it barely a week & then got a 1208 (the 1100 didn't have green & red buttons & was just tooooo basic); was one of the few ones not regularly missing calls -))))))))))))
got an iPhone 3G with a contract renewal; tried it a couple days, got the SIM out, threw it in a drawer & got the N95 back in service
the 3G has been used the last few months as an USB stick in connection with a SONY iPxxxx supports but starts to act up after a few hours continuous use

eventually got the N900...
dream device
got a barely used 2nd hand one a few months ago but the USB port got loose as it was still under warranty, got a N8 in replacement.

had spotted a new N900 in a small phone shop; had been there a couple times trying to negotiate a discount to no avail.
when the N8 got back, went to pick it up;
still trying to sell the N8 online for 200 bucks; for less, i'll keep it as a digital camera & spare phone

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Quite long list of phone. I have a very short list for mine.
I Started with Nokia 3310 than nokia 2100, nokia 3230 and now m using Samsung galaxy s II

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