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I want to know how to build Latest Fennec/Firefox from source and run compiled binary on Maemo 5 N900 System.
Anyone can help me? i can create an article in your wiki, it will be usefull for maemo community.

Thank you.
PS: excuse me for my bad english
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general rules:
1. install maemo sdk (i don't know what systems are supported now, i have a virtual machine with ubuntu 10.04 and scratchbox installed there for n900 development)
2. download Fennec or Firefox sources
3. try to compile
4. if there are errors, fix them
5. try again, if it still fails, goto number 4
6. copy results to 900
7. test and run

or maybe it would be easier to add debian armel's repositories to /etc/apt/sources.list IN YOUR SDK, NOT ON N900!, then do
apt-get source iceweasel
apt-get build-dep iceweasel
fakeroot dpkg-buildpackage iceweasel
- this works for some debian packages (I haven't done this for >1year, so I may have forgotten some extra steps, but I hope you know what I mean)

Iceweasel is equivalent of Firefox in Debian (it's Firefox in Debian).

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