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Originally Posted by coderus View Post
it will costs 170 + shipping (about 25 ) if someone in russia will buy it and send to your place personally.
And yes, there have been problems with german customs.
You may be lucky, my friend was not
I do not know the details, only after some lengthy talks with customs agents he was able to return the shipment to his trusted person in russia and will pick it up personally when he next travels there.

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Came across a lengthy review on a Russian web site:

A robot translates the concluding paras like this:

"In our hands was a fairly specific device. On the one hand, INOI R7 is a mediocre budget smartphone with average characteristics, on the other hand it runs on such a rare Sailfish OS, also certified by the FSB specifically for the targeted segment - state companies and services. If we consider it solely as a device for companies - then it should fit many organizations, and therefore be in demand on the market.

As part of the mass market, the device will interest only big Linux fans, Sailfish and security - but if you already have Jolla C, then nothing new will give you a smartphone - it is built on the same hardware as the Jolla device.

The final estimation of the editorial board: 5 out of 10."

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