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Trouble again retrieving messages from FMMS.
Failed to open viewer with transaction id: blah

I had a similar error in the past and llew had a nice trick to include the transaction number.
Originally Posted by Ilew View Post
If you're willing to be a guinea pig, I may have a simple fix for the images not showing.

Could you change line 291 in '/opt/fmms/' from:
		mmsid = self.store_mms_message(pushid, message)
		mmsid = self.store_mms_message(pushid, message, transactionId=trans_id)
Pretty much it's reading a different transaction-id to the one it's using to store the binary.
So it's looking in a non-existent dir and failing.

Well that worked for a time but was giving a unable to open error before. Now its ticked off and I dont know why

2017-06-03 15:27:06,694 fmms.contacts: loaded contacthandler in 0.07 s
2017-06-03 15:27:08,677 fmms.__main__: liststore time: 0.25
2017-06-03 15:27:11,854 fmms.__main__: showing mms: (0,)
2017-06-03 15:27:12,056 fmms.contacts: loaded contacthandler in 0.0 s
2017-06-03 15:27:12,554 fmms.connectors: i acquired lock (2437)
2017-06-03 15:27:12,562 fmms.connectors: RUNNING IN UGLYHACK MODE
2017-06-03 15:27:12,617 fmms.connectors: UglyHackHandler UP!
APN: user: nokia pass: 6600 proxyip: mmsc1: mmsc2:
2017-06-03 15:27:19,613 fmms.connectors: fmms_magic retcode: 0
2017-06-03 15:27:19,619 fmms.wappushhandler: getting file:
2017-06-03 15:27:19,965 fmms.wappushhandler: sending notify...
2017-06-03 15:27:19,967 fmms.wappushhandler: using custom mms
2017-06-03 15:27:20,020 fmms.wappushhandler: connecting via proxy
2017-06-03 15:27:20,022 fmms.wappushhandler: mmschost:
2017-06-03 15:27:22,095 fmms.wappushhandler: MMSC STATUS: 200 OK
2017-06-03 15:27:22,103 fmms.wappushhandler: MMSC RESPONDED: {}
2017-06-03 15:27:22,109 fmms.wappushhandler: m-notifyresp-ind: (200, 'OK', {}, True)
2017-06-03 15:27:22,115 fmms.wappushhandler: notifyresp sent
2017-06-03 15:27:22,141 fmms.wappushhandler: connecting with proxy
2017-06-03 15:27:22,172 fmms.wappushhandler: trying url:
2017-06-03 15:27:23,568 fmms.wappushhandler: mmsc info: Connection: close

Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2017 20:27:24 GMT

Server: Mavenir Web Application Server

Content-Type: application/vnd.wap.mms-message

Content-Length: 58

2017-06-03 15:27:23,576 fmms.controller: saved binary mms <open file '/home/user/.fmms/mms/mavodi-6-89-10e-7-97-6-204-3-97-e1b5fa/message', mode 'wb' at 0x421f9ec0>
2017-06-03 15:27:23,581 fmms.wappushhandler: fetched and wrote to file
2017-06-03 15:27:23,888 fmms.wappushhandler: sending ack...
2017-06-03 15:27:23,890 fmms.wappushhandler: using custom mms
2017-06-03 15:27:23,978 fmms.wappushhandler: connecting via proxy
2017-06-03 15:27:23,981 fmms.wappushhandler: mmschost:
2017-06-03 15:27:26,223 fmms.wappushhandler: MMSC STATUS: 200 OK
2017-06-03 15:27:26,230 fmms.wappushhandler: MMSC RESPONDED: {}
2017-06-03 15:27:26,235 fmms.wappushhandler: m-acknowledge-ind: (200, 'OK', {}, True)
2017-06-03 15:27:26,241 fmms.wappushhandler: ack sent
2017-06-03 15:27:26,246 fmms.connectors: UglyHackHandler running disconnect
2017-06-03 15:27:26,697 fmms.connectors: disconnecting connection. rx: 2236 tx: 2433
2017-06-03 15:27:26,706 fmms.connectors: UglyHackHandler running disconnect
2017-06-03 15:27:26,945 fmms.connectors: disconnecting connection. rx: 2276 tx: 2433
2017-06-03 15:27:26,954 fmms.controller: path: /home/user/.fmms/mms/mavodi-6-89-10e-7-97-6-204-3-97-e1b5fa
2017-06-03 15:27:26,972 fmms.controller: decode_binary_mms running: /home/user/.fmms/mms/mavodi-6-89-10e-7-97-6-204-3-97-e1b5fa
2017-06-03 15:27:27,287 fmms.__main__: Failed to open viewer with transaction id: mavodi-6-89-10e-7-97-6-204-3-97-e1b5fa
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/opt/fmms/", line 467, in show_mms
    fMMSViewer.fMMS_Viewer(transactionid, spawner=self)
  File "/opt/fmms/", line 59, in __init__
    self._parse_mms(fname, vbox)
  File "/opt/fmms/", line 248, in _parse_mms
  File "/opt/fmms/", line 288, in get_mms_from_push
    message = self.decode_binary_mms(path)
  File "/opt/fmms/", line 229, in decode_binary_mms
    message = MMSMessage.fromFile(path + "/message")
  File "/opt/fmms/mms/", line 258, in fromFile
    return decoder.decodeFile(filename)
  File "/opt/fmms/mms/", line 83, in decodeFile
    return self.decodeData(data)
  File "/opt/fmms/mms/", line 109, in decodeData
    self._mmsMessage.attachments = self.decodeMessageBodyToPath(bodyIter)
  File "/opt/fmms/mms/", line 351, in decodeMessageBodyToPath
  File "/opt/fmms/mms/", line 40, in next
Any ideas would be helpful.


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At first glance it looks like it downloaded but is unable to decode the message for whatever reason (Maybe due to an unfinished download).

If you're able to reproduce this error with a picture you're comfortable pm'ing me, send it to me and I'll try to figure it out.

All you'll need to send me is the message binary.
So my ideas on what it could be are:
1. Corrupted download
2. MMS message is in some weird format that breaks it
3. FMMS and network provider isn't playing ball and you're getting an empty mms

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