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DuckDuckGoing: ungluing LCD panel from digitizer is fairly difficult, heat can help but it can also shorten life of Liquid-Crystal-Display panel (if LCD panel is already broken, you are not going to care about that). Since most people have digitizer or glass broken, and LCD panel intact, they recommend to set heat-source at low setting (is something else, like digitizer, heat-sensitive?) and get a lot of patience.

If you are going to use chemicals, make sure they are not too corrosive. Un-Du Adhesive Remover was mentioned positively, once.

Something very thin (blade or screen protector) to assist in separating the two would not be amiss, either.

And since chance of doing it successfully is low... Do not glue new LCD panel to digitizer, or you will regret it next time you need to replace the LCD panel.

Best wishes.

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