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The purpose of this post will be to document which isi/phonet messages are sent by the various blobs on the N900 with reference to isi header files where we have the right one.

This will aid Leste in dealing with things that ofono doesn't yet deal with (because Nokia wanted to protect their stuff and implemented only the bare minimum in ofono for Meego work meaning lots of stuff doesn't get handled)

I have already covered the GPS here with coverage of liblas/location-daemon/location-proxy

The other blobs on the N900 that use libisi to talk to the cellular modem are:
cmt-reset (resets the cellular modem)
csd (main daemon for handling communication with the cellular modem)
libcscall/libcsd-call (CSD plugin for voice calls)
libcsd-gprs (CSD plugin for cellular data)
libphinfo/libcsd-info (CSD plugin for getting info from the cellular modem)
libtelcommon/libcsd-net (CSD plugin for network related things)
libtelcommon/libcsd-sim (CSD plugin for sim related things)
libtelcommon/libcsd-simpb (CSD plugin for sim phonebook)
libsms/libcsd-sms (CSD plugin for SMS)
libss/libcsd-ss (CSD plugin for supplementary server stuff)
pnatd (emulates AT commands)
sscd (manages cellular modem state including in response to MCE state changes)

In future posts I will identify the isi messages/structures that each of these blobs deals with (those that the blobs send and those that the blobs listen for) as well as any messages sent directly by libisi itself. (of which there are a few)

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Good to read the N900 setup is still being reverse engineered.
The N900 is still my preferred device over any Sailfish.
I get this post is about GPS communication language (?).

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I recommend adding findings to the WIKI pages

perhaps (no idea really) these pages also is useful;s_GuideV3.pdf
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