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There's really nothing more to say.....
We salute you, good man! You and your team have made every Maemo user in this world a proud user, for not only the system you devised was ages ahead of its time, but it also succeeded where countless others have long stopped trying: you dared to become a drop of originality in an ocean of forgetfullness. That's what you've accomplished: you carved out a memory by sheer dedication.
Well, I'm sure you guys are headed to new things this very moment, so... if you will still continue to let us know what you're up to from time to time, it'd be greatly and truthfully appreciated.

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Had the 770, the n900, and the your OS, and pls keep the dream alive.

You are all pioneers and explorers, creating what can't be created by the conventionals. Keep exploring, and don't stop dreaming. You are the true space cowboys.

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Many Thanks for all your efforts over the years.
Will follow you closely at CBT.
Always remember you're unique, just like everyone else.

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Originally Posted by gerbick View Post
Thanks and I'll be keeping an eye on your endeavors here:
+1 and liked you guys on facebook
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sad sad news, nokia why are you so blind!!!,
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770, N800, N900, N9 owner - benefitting from the art and craft you brought to these devices.

Best wishes going forward.

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Thank you for the great geek comforting technology you and the Team have brought to us,

Wishing you the greatest success in your future endeavors.

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I had the N800 and it hooked me to Nokia / Linux. I loved the N900 with its capabilities and sometime quirkiness. But I could see what is possible to build based on the Maemo foundation – if only Nokia would have followed through.

I knew after 2/2011 that the Nokia I valued was no more. I refused to buy Nokia’s last Linux based device, but got weak a few months ago, and boy, the N9 delivers for me. This device is made for me, but it is the last of real Nokia devices, it has already developed a legacy.

Thanks to the people behind Maemo / Meego. Good luck and let us know where you go and what you do. I will be open to buy more stuff from you, even after Nokia abandoned its legacy and abandoned customers like me.

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I'll keep my N9 for more than 15 years i hope

Thanks for the effort bringing some of the best devices on the planet!

I'm sure Nokia will easy to find you again
twitter: @fitronarwani @N9Indonesia

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THANKS for your contribution!
You show the path, you show excellence!

Greets from Argentina!
Please Keep Up the good work!

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specc is the, troll ericsson

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