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ya my wife figured it out.To get characters Successfully one must learn to Print and keep each letter from Touching each other. And be sure to tap the right last Word tO clear your writing area and probably check if the word is completed for you. But Sofar I feel its faster to use the on scree.n klyboard Cu2 its faster to tap than to print.I think theyshould just improve on the on screen keyboard and trash the whole thing alltogether.

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Yeah, printing is the key. And you're right about keeping the letters apart. You have to be especially careful with 'T' followed by 'a' say since I find I often put the 'a' under the cross of the 'T' and it see neither. You have to watch your t and a...

I really did try with the handwriting recognition a lot and found doing one letter at a time the accuracy was good but really slow. There are lots of little problems. The line to put the dangling bits of letters under (there is a proper name for that I am sure) is too low really and I'd often have problems with things like 'g' being detected as a '9'. Also spaces seem to be inconsistent. At times it seemed determined not to recognise a stroke for a space. Other times the shortest stroke would register as one. Also sometimes it would miss the first letter on the left hand side of the writing area. I checked my stylus calibration and that was spot on. Overall I found it was buggy and annoying and far easier and faster to tap-tap on the keyboard. I wish they would somehow make some of the parameters fo the HWR user configurable. So I can set the size of a space or the level of that line.

I started with one of the first Palms and even the original Grafitti I found easier to master than the HWR on the 770. Even the keyboard has problems though I find. If you mess with the capitalisation settings that seems to screw it up a bit. Sometimes it capitalises some words then other times just the first letter as it should. And I have also had my shift button stick and act as a caps lock. Oh, and the little clicking noise sometimes comes and goes.

I've found that with a lot of things on the 770. You start playing with the different settings and it all starts going wrong. Hopefully they fix things as new updates come out (that Nokia feedback site is useful and I hope someone there listens).

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when I use my tablet pc to handwrite I'm Still amazed 0n hOW accuate it can be. And when I try to use nokia's.... its just to slow and unpractical....

Thanks for the informative reply Simon.
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... Yes... the handwriting recognition is VERY poor. Makes me yearn for my Newton 2k , but I am hoping it will get much much better soon. btw 770 rocks!!!

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I would love to someone implement Joseph Strout's HexInput scheme. Go look at it at
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Shark looks better to me.
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Have you tried changing the "Character recognition time" to two bars?

The part below the line is called a "descender."

I've found (by looking in the TEACH program) that some elements of "cursive" work better than strict "printing." For example, a lower case "L" is best recognized by drawing the "loop" version. Also, a lower case "G" wants to see the descender end to the right.

You're all correct in saying leave space between letters. In fact, leave a LOT of space.

Don't forget, you can "write-over" goofs and insert and delete letters..

gestures and hwr on the 770

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