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Someone who had not rung me for a while asked me if I had got a new phone after I'd moved from a Jolla to a Sony Z1c so the outgoing call quality must be better on the Sony. That was indoor in my office so not a tricky environment to get right.

Ironically, he's on an iPhone which have always sounded universally awful to me when people ring me on one of those from the iPhone 1 to the latest 6.

I always found my N9 clear if too quiet. Previous Symbian Nokias were brilliant too. Nobody seems to give two shits about audio quality anymore on smartphones.

Hardware wise, I've never had any problems with the Jolla although the camera is terrible. That doesn't bother me as I rarely ever use phone cameras.

Edit: Back to the original question. Would I get one now? No. Absolutely not. Too many bugs, not enough RAM.

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My Jolla today was showing (via System Monitor - SysMon) 3 days with 49% remaining battery. Without Android runtime, WiFi off, 3G data off, BT off, GPS off, just some calls and some SMS.

Normal usage (with some WiFi/3G data, some calls and SMS, 30 photos per day, etc) gives me about 3 days until 20% of remaining battery. With Android runtime running, only 1 day.
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Wow, thx for everyones input, there seems to be quite a varied impression of how good the Jolla handset/software is atm. I was hoping a new handset would be out, but I guess they are busy getting the tablet finished? I have an ageing N900, I have tried to use it again but I just don't think I can go back to it now, the Nexus is just about holding on, Ubuntu Touch on the Nexus 4 is really quite good now, but as I said the call quality is not great. I can hear the other person very clearly but my voice is very bad apparantly, I've tried updating the radio firmware as suggested but it's no better (I actually put Lollipop on it when it came out and as per alot of angry users the mic stopped working altogether!), dunno I'm really unsure what to do now...
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Originally Posted by ggabriel View Post

OS wise, to me it's the best thing, good continuation since maemo and meego - both of which are still alive but with no commercial support. It still needs some time to mature, but I can do anything I want, plus more.

Hardware is OK, mine had a massive drop and the screen developed some cracks, then the phone decided to go screen to corner-of-gopro while I was ungracefully falling while skiing and now it's a bit shattered. The phone still works

If you want the latest and greatest CPU for the sake of it, don't buy it. With Sailfish, the specs work a lot better than Android on equal hardware, and even on better hardware.

All in all, the phone is cheap. Yes, you can get cheaper androids, but they'll be inevitably slower.

Search for the Jolla User Experience thread, it's very, _very_ long, but you have lots of folks posting comments since day one. There is the occasional pages long rant, but hey ;-)
I hava an android one thats running lollipop out of the box, outdated hardware if compared to your mighty jolla, but luckily im not facing any lag or 'slower' experience, just saying, no offense, stop trolling android, cause maybe someday you gonna use it as a main phone

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