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Hey guys!

What's up here - everyone switched to android or what?
Let's see if someone's still alive here...
Also from me KUDOS for this piece of coding for the Maemo Community.
I searched these pages like a mad man, but didn't find an explanation that helped me.

I created a "2 States Switch" that even does what I want (Brightness high and low). But for more sensitive applications like "reboot" or so, I'd like it to be triggered through multi click. I know I have to activate "@MultiClick" and use "$QBW_CLICKS_COUNT". But I just cannot get it to work! Can someone please add the neccessary code to the original BEECON one?

Still love this NOT-A-PHONE!
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You you just need to create a standard beecon with @Clicked on, not a 2 state one?
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Thanks for your reply!
Yes - for a reboot you're right. I picked a bad example.
I'm running several processes that i would like to start and stop safely - not accidentally. One of them is a periodic e-mail being send containg system information. Another one is transmission-daemon.
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Still lacking the knowledge how to use multi click as a confirmation I've started using the dialogue box provided by zenity. This dialogue pops up at the bottom of the screen and lets you push a button as confirmation. This makes things a little more complicated, though.

1. Write a script "askstart" that contains the zenity command for starting a process.
2. Write a script "askstop" containing the zenity command for stopping the process.
3. Use askstart and askstop as start/stop commands in the beecon.

Essential: The two scripts must exit with an output like "Running" or "Not Running" so the beecon can display these states. For - and that really sucks - I was not able to make the on/off image show up reliably. It just kept changing, no matter how you answered the zenith dialogue.

Should anyone be interested, I'll gladly provide the code that's working for me.


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