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Originally Posted by john greg View Post
i just got the same problem, but i fixed it by just rebooting my phone using this command. you need to root it first.

Hope it solves your problem
I did that on mine for a couple of times and worked until one day it died
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Originally Posted by deutch1976 View Post
Just in case you can't read...
"Perhaps it would be a good idea to test this behaviour with DC adapter connected before rushing out to buy a new battery? I'll try it soon and let you know."
I was Just asking if he had already tested it
Sorry for that wayyyy too late answer, but inserting SIM card with fully charged battery and DC adapter connected yielded no improvement at all, N9 still restarts or switches off :-( If I find free time I'll try to repair SIM slot as it is available on below images found on the net, but it won't happen soon I'm afraid:


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