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Since Jolla lacks a radio reciever I was wondering if there's the possibility to use a

Digital Radio Headset like this one:*entries*=0

but searching the net I didn't even find one to buy. So it's internet radio or none on Jolla?
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Yes, unfortunately only internet radio "Received" and "AllRadio" from Jolla store are two great radio streaming clients.
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I suppose that this headset (it's Nokia CU-17A) uses microUSB as a power source.
If so, it will not work with Jolla Phone, which is unable to provide power through microUSB port.
Beside that it is only DAB (maybe also DAB+) radio receiver and it doesn't support "normal" FM.

To run it with Jolla Phone (theoretically) we would have to:
1. Provide power from external source to the microUSB port
2. Reverse engineer communication protocol between the (originally) compatible phone and the headset
3. Create an application which would control it.

There is some article about it:
Notice: There are 3 pages.
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You would probably be better in the long run looking along the lines of a FM+DAB(+DVB?) OH. If the Nokia headset is already scarce, you risk doing all the work only for it break and then not be able to source a replacement.
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well, that's the one I stumbled upon. My thoughts where that there would be lots of similar devices for android, but I did not found none.

So maybe there will be a toh out there soon.

But since I've got the tohkbd that'll mean I'd have to switch konstantly toh's.

A headset based receiver would come in there handy.

FM is nice too, but I was hoping to get better quality through DAB, preferably DAB+.

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