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is the battery still heating up fast on nitdroid? i think the issue that it always uses 100% of the processor shorten my phone's battery life because the heat when using nitdroid...
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Willing to try a new version, of course!
I don't care much for phoning or texting, but would like to be able to get to know the Android OS better than I do now...

With or without KernelPower and if so, what version? For the rest, installment on top of a clean PR1.3 flash?
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What will happen if someone calls you while booted in nitdroid? i think i read that it answers but they cannot hear you or vise versa, will it be logged in phone when i boot back to maemo? so i dont miss any calls? cheers
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If i enable the swap to be used in Nitdroid, the performance and stability will be better?
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n12 on emmc works like a charm i am using it since it got released without any is as smooth as maemo

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