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Hey gidzzz,
Where one can find sources of Maemo's Homeworld port? I'm especially interested in your ingenious work that allowed both in-device only use with emulation of right click *and* usage with external keyboard/mouse connected, but I guess that there are more worthwhile patches differing from "mainstream" HomeworldSDL you have made... Ready to be borrowed for other game's ports

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Originally Posted by Estel View Post

Maybe it's time for repos, finally? It's a shame that such masterpiece of a porting idea isn't more widely known. BTW, thumb version in gdizzz's repos would be great, too.

// Edit

Sorry for dissapearing links to homeworld binary - I just realized that it was hosted in my personal ftp that got nuked during huge malfunction, and never got restored properly (another point up for having it in repos, methinks, even though it's hosted by Author itself).
Or if there's any problem to upload it to repos, now that there is support for Maemo in, it could be uploaded there.

homeworld, homeworldsdl

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