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No amount of openness can get over the fact that the device is 8 years old now and not quite up to the task for certain jobs.
No, of course not. But that's not a design flaw (which I consider a proprietary design to be), but just a matter of progress of time.
I too feel the limitations of the old hardware, probably even more than the lack of openness, but since that's not a design flaw it doesn't upset me.

What upsets me is the fact that for fixing the non-design flaw of old hardware by replacing it with newer hardware I still have to accept the actual design flaw of unnecessary closedness.
I'm not willing to pay for that design flaw (again).

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In the past I've set up my older Galaxy Note to show phone screen on a monitor. Including running linux on android app with which I used ubuntu and fedora. So I could run a full linux distribution on phone and use a monitor. But the main problem was that the sound was always lousy. Presumably linux on galaxy will not have this issue.

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It's using containers and provides accelerated graphics too:
Please help to list all maemo existing apps :

I am looking for " 4 inch TFT LCD display screen " for Nokia n950 HandSet

Also, I need online storage to archive files :

Upcoming contest:

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Concept demo video of Linux on Galaxy:
Please donate if you think I'm doing a good job.

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linux, samsung galaxy

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