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Welcome to the n900 forum of the maemo-org community. This is a hardware forum. If you are looking for information on software, you're in the wrong place. The Maemo 5 forum is for platform/system-related discussion. There are also fora about Applications, Games, Multimedia and various other topics. Posting a new topic here that does not belong will probably result in it being deleted or moved.

Before you start a thread, please check the following:

If you are answering a question
  • Please quote the question, and post a simple, short answer.
  • Refer people to the FAQ or wiki if an answer is there.
  • If an answer is not there, and the question is a common one, please write an entry. Guidelines on writing to the wiki can be found here.
  • If you wish to chat Off Topic, we have an Off Topic forum for informal conversation. Please keep the main forums focused on their subject. Posts which are deemed off topic may be deleted or moved.

Useful N900 Threads & Links
I would like to start developing for the N900 what do i do?
First of all, visit the development pages, In here you will find many valuable resources for example:
Links to the SDK, tutorials, documentation, references and extra help.

If you are interested in application development and are on a windows PC, you can still install the Software Development Kit (SDK) via one of a few methods. Please take a look at this post for more help

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