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Please sign, if you agree fully or partly:

The MeeGo OS is the powerfull, fast, light and easy-for-use OS, but Stephen Elop wants to destroy it.. Symbian will go on this way soon. MeeGo and Symbian should be the primary operating systems of Nokia!

Today WP7 is primary, tomorrow Microsoft terminate partnership and Nokia will go to the pit. After tomorrow, Microsoft will buy Nokia and this will be its end. It's a wrong way!

Elop must know, what people really want!
Right on, good!
I do not so much care for Symbian. No need to waste resources on that anymore, except to support existing phones.

But with Meego, Nokia would have had 4-core Meego-device with PureView camera-module already in MWC this year and I'd guess there would be tens of thousands pre-orders already. The Nokia's stock price would be 100%, I'd assume (and no I do not own NOK currently because the WP-only strategy is, yes a tragedy.)

Throw in Alien Dalvik in it (Meego/Tizen), and it would win the best smart phone prize next year in MWC 2013. This year 2-core Android Samsung Galaxy S2 was rightfully the best smart phone and Samsung the best mobile phone company. Dalvik support would bring a voluminious supply of existing applications right from the start.

Tizen with Alien Dalvik would be IMO better yet, because HTML5 is highly portable and the future of light and moderate weight applications. Tizen has 100% Linux Foundation support and Tizen has started to grow a bigger ecosystem now when Huawei joined it; Intel+Samsung+Huawei. Tizen does not rule out native Qt-applications either although it is not "officially supported".

Globally there is a healthy need for a free mobile OS. WP and iOS are closed fully, and Android also too closed and not fully OSS. All those three OS are easily controlled, backdoored, killswitched by USA 3-letter agencies. I expect China and its 1 billion people will be very interested in Tizen now when Huawei has joined in.

Anyway, Elop and Nokia's board has to publicly tell what they think, if enough people sign the petition. (Now while starting this thread there was 2109 signatures.)

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like it gonna change something. decisions made, contracts signed. if Nokia wanted to hear community's voice, they would did it before they stuck with WP.
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This petition is pointless:
Elop must know, what people really want!
Elop knows exactly what "people" really want.
The problem is that we aren't the "people" he has in mind. His "people" are the MS shareholders.
To put it bluntly: You are not his client. You are (part of) his product.

And he doesn't give a damn what the product wants. He has his orders and that's it.
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I know Nokia is Microsoft's lumia, and not even a bottom lumia.
But still having enough signatures in the petition would make it in the news globally and Nokia would maybe feel the pressure to tell why they made such a stupid and restricting deal with Elop and Microsoft.
Not all people have realised the power play what was happening in Nokia in the spring of 2010 when Fidelity Magellan fund (a big player in MS pension fund) had 100 million Nokia shares to work and pressure with.
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Done it, voted!!!
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Trying wont hurt anyone!

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Nokia's decisions are dictated by many things, not simply what Elop or even their board of directors come up with drinking coffee during the lunch break.

In very much reasonably realist terms, this petition is simply waste of our time.
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Originally Posted by DarkSkies View Post
In very much reasonably realist terms, this petition is simply waste of our time.
Point taken, but how much time wasted really? 1 minute?

And as I wrote, the realistic point may not be anything else but to bring globally known how many people would want free OSS mobile phone. This may help for example Samsung to decide how much they will invest in Tizen. (I myself will buy Tizen phone surely from Samsung if it has same state of the art recent hardware as top Android phones. I'll probably buy Samsung Galaxy S3 in the mean time.)
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Hmmm. Is it me or has anyone else observed that a lot of recent threads sound like they've been started by someone acting like they have had a total dilusional mental break down. I dunno. Maybe this has always been the case on TMO and I just noticed!

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