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Poll: Are you happy with N900 frame/hardware quality?
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Are you happy with N900 frame/hardware quality?

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Hi there,

I started thinking about buying of N900 when I first saw its pictures a few monthes ago. IMHO it's the best smartphone on the market! But ... I heard from two N900 owners about problems with broken keyboard frame - That fact decreased my willing to own N900. I really like it. I can live with short battery life or raw software. This is just a matter of time. But bad quality of device case/frame is a huge problem. N900 owners can you proof or disclaim that this problem exists with device.

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On mine, you can hear a clunky sound when pushing the frame on the center.
It could be better.
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No problem with frame quality on mine.

N900 tends to be very strong, don't remember the name but on youtube there is a serie of 5 extreme tests done to the N900 (water, dust, falls, damages with keys ...)

The only part not so resistant to scratches is the screen. Otherwise everything else is almost undestructible.
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It looks like my worries are nothing cause just two persons answered on that post
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Hi guys,
Im my quest to stop my worrying "that i have a defective N900" ( I tend to always end up with the crap ones. )

Is this little bar slightly loose on your phone?
It slike it isnt glued down or naything, Just seems like a bar of plastic that runs from one side to the other and is slightly loose.

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Seems liek everything else is quite strong, but it just seems a bit loose for my liking ( probably nothing ) just seems odd considering everything else is solid.

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You probably find it is just a bit of natural flex of the plastic.

My n900 is like this as well.
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nothing loose here.
it's all plain and really smooth.
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Pretty solid here.
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mine flexes, but it isn't a problem. I didn't notice it until you mentioned it. I'd say it's just fine.
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I have the same "problem" here. And my friends N900 doesn't have this feature.

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