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I see the N900 has Bluetooth version 2.1,Bluetooth profiles: HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP, FTP, OPP but quite a few people are having issues connecting bluetooth enabled devices i.e. keyboards.

Is it the OS, or just in general the available profiles?

EX. Why couldn't be paired with the N900, is because of the 2.0 only support or something else?
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keyboards and similar usually use the HID profile (tho some earlier ones use SPP and special "phone" side drivers).
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Is there somewhere the list of bluetooth keyboards supported?

I would like to buy a very small BT keyboard, so when i would travel on trains i could have it on the table... Any ideas or recommendations ?
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I have a 2007 infiniti G35x, my N900 pairs with the bluetooth system in the car, however when I send or receive calls, I get loud static, the 900 pairs with my computer, and it even paired with a portable hands free speaker, just not my car. My iphobe paired just fine with my car, as well as the N95?
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hi! i paired my n900 with a LG chocolate today...after i turned off the bluetooth on my n900 and then tried to turn it on...but it isn't turning on .could you please help me solve the problem why it's not turning on? thanks
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Hi guys,

Plz check this thread!!!
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i cant even get dun working between my psp go and my n900 i can get the detection by no sucess. but via my pc it works perfectly fine via software or manual settings
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Please write for me versions of N900 bluetooth profiles. Ofc if someone know it.

sorry for my english

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