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For about the last week when I try to open the AP News app I have been getting an error message:

Ap mobile registration failed. Please try again later. The application will now exit.

And there is an OK button.
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Just checked, happened to me also...
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This happened a couple of years ago, too. Suddenly it just started working again. I guess we can only hope it happens again...
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AP mobile was great! Associated Press represents mainstream, so the information shouldn't be too biased. Ok we have RSS feed that still works, but since this workaround is not perfect and Al-Jazeera news app is not usable anymore, I'd like to fight for the working AP solution. I helped bringing flickr back to life, there is a chance for AP mobile to get back on track.

So far the situation is as follows: AP mobile aggregates news on the Feed screen just fine, but it doesn't let you log in anymore. I left a message for the android version developers, waiting for any info regarding recent API/registration changes. Couldn't find contact to the original developer, perhaps someone here on the forum could help me out.

Here's where to start:

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Good news - AP Mobile seems to be back on track. The app is fully functional again.

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