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Why do some leave too soon...


( This touches me very much because I was so close to leave. )
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I had more or less unconsciously decided not to write anything in this thread. After all, WTF could it possibly bring.

I'm however both shocked and saddened by this loss for both his family and our community, but also immensely proud of our community, including in particular those who have expressed their condolences here or in the mailing list.

Hence I decided to write here, as, selfish as I may be, it does help me in alleviating the sadness I feel.

So thank you guys, and RIP Gido.

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I am shocked & saddened to hear of this news...

I always found it simple to work with Win7Mac, rarely any acidity in his manner of being.
I never met him face-to-face, but from our online interactions I sensed he was a caring, kind, & sensitive person.

My deepest of condolences to his loved ones, I wish them well in navigating & reconciling this difficult time.
Lost for any further words....

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To pass away with 44.
Is to early to go through havens door.
It creates to much pain.
But in our memories he remain(s).

Nothing can't be revised.
Except our way,
how we live the day.
Take it as an advice.

Carpe diem!

I don't know him personally but I know how closed ones must feel.
My deepest condolences to his family and friends.

Thank you Guido to make maemo to one part of your life.
Rest in peace see you in next life.

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restinpeace, win7mac

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