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Hi everybody!

The voting period has ended and the results are now abailable on the Maemo elections page!

Category "Something new"

Category "Fixing/Updating"

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Congratulations to eekelund and dcaliste for getting the most votes in their respective categories! tIDE and GPG are worthy winners, I think.

But let's not forget a big thanks to all participants in general, there were many, many other good things there.
slumber: sensors enabled sleep timer for SFOS (translations/input/ appreciated if you've got some spare time)
talefish: directory based audiobook player for SFOS
nofono: ofono restart for SFOS
list of i486/noarch packages on openrepos (jolla tablet)

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Thanks for the people who voted for Sailfinder & RGBWiFi!
Sailfinder V3.0 is coming soon this month

And of course, congrats to the winners

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i still would've split categories into sailfish / fremantle, because people have one or the other, rarely both. anyway, congrats for the winners and big thanks to anyone that voted!
oscp - media player with network remote and almost no dependencies (pc/lin/win/maemo(n8x0/n900), x86/x64/armel/armhf) - - if you like it, tell others.
contact with me: #osc or #maemo on freenode/ircnet or /query KotCzarny

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I don't think I've ever been this happy to be placed third
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qgvdial: Google Voice client. All downloads
qgvtp: Phone integration for the n900 that dials out and sends texts using qgvdial.
mosquitto: message broker that implements the MQ Telemetry Transport protocol version 3.
qgvnotify: Google voice and contacts notifier for diablo and maemo.

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