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Just wanted to announce the release of digitallyimported to extras-devel. The package, once installed, will add the free internet radio streams from Digitally Imported ( to the Media Player's list of Internet Radio. Each station is provided in 96kbps MP3 and 24kbps AAC so that you can choose whichever stream fits your internet connection.

The DI.FM streams added follow the same format that the default stream lists used, so they are listed as "USA - Digitally Imported - stream name (stream format)".

This package will install and remove only the streams so you don't need to worry about it removing your custom streams already added to Media Player.

At the moment, I currently have about half of the 35 different stations included as part of the package and the rest will be added with each new update.

Streaming music lovers, tell me what you think... let me know if you have any issues or ideas for other stations that you would like to see a package made for. Possible ideas:,,

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Thanks for this! would be nice.

They have this: which makes it pretty easy.

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Thank you so much for doing this. I listen to all the time from work, but haven't had the time to add the for my N900. This is superb. Well done.

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#4 is my radio No1, thanks for uploading this!
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When will this hit Extras?
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What about ?

Digitally Imported is a sister service of, specializing in Electronic music. Our goal is to continue to nurture and Digitally Imported, but to do so on their own respective websites.
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Thanks I donate to SomaFM so 1+ to adding them.
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I Love DI stations and Really you don't know how much time you saved for me to copy& paste each DI station stream to the Internet radio bookmarks through one simple packed application
thanx thanx thanx and really wish for others to follow with same type of application for sky,1 FM,Soma,ect..
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Originally Posted by Haus3r View Post
When will this hit Extras?
pretty soon probably if there are no complications...

btw I could have spent the time answering this silly question to test the actual package....

so for the future: apps will appear to extras as fast as possible with available resources, if it isn't enough, increase resources and test the app yourself..
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What about the premium streams? Are they supported by the N900 media players?

EDIT: Nevermind - the obvious method of picking the streams via the browser (and then bookmarking them in media player) works like a charm.

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