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Texrat listen... go on vacation and come back and I swear to God if u don;t give me 1 snide remark i will never even post in any threads u ever make nor post directly to you PERIOD. But u gotta just stop involving me in your posts... this is getting out of hand and u will feel better after your vacation. Plus no need for nanny Reggie cuz if Texrat just gets this 1 thing i Swear To God i will never do this again on here... I LOVE THIS PLACE!

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oh oh. The baiting is starting. Take a deep breath. Ignore. Move on.

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Originally Posted by frethop View Post
oh oh. The baiting is starting. Take a deep breath. Ignore. Move on.

How old are you? 80?
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Originally Posted by geneven View Post
Could you point out the line in which anyone suggested you should "not be allowed to participate" in any discussion? I missed it.

Originally Posted by YoDude
It is also MHO that both of the parties in question should refrain from responding in this thread so that once again, the forum membership is free to form a consensus with out the implication of a personal, ulterior motive.
Granted, it wasn't worded as I put it and I apologize to YoDude and the forum for my own hyperbole. Use of the word "allowed" was a mistake on my part, sorry. It was how I felt, not what he said.

And of course he's entitled to his opinion... aren't we all? Again, I'd just prefer a little intellectual honesty in the dialog, ie, recognition that the debacle in question was not limited to a "both parties" sort of involvement and a realistic assessment of what occurred. Yeah, yeah, I realize I violated my own request. Very embarrassing. Won't be an issue from this point forward.

/done, adios
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Your point being what, exactly?

You do realise that Adam was/is Sapporobaby? Anyone using a multi-handle to bolster their argument or to hurl more abuse at other members deserves no sympathy. The fact that you write in an uncannily similar style to Sapporobaby/Adam is also not lost on some of us, though that is likely due to coincidence.

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I post on tons of forums and one of them has "nanny rules" in place. The mods are harsh and will ban users on whim if they step out of line. Examples of how heavily moderated things are : mods lock topics if they have another preexisiting thread, there is no personal attacks or insults this results in week long bans, linking to invalid information or sources that have been shown to be not credible results in locked threads. I've even seen mods ban other mods! Its a little excessive but what results is a forum of which 80% of the information on the front page is actually relevant.

Now granted said forum has thousands of users and at any given time 1000 people are active on it, but there is nothing wrong with having an effective informational forum. I always push this idea but whats wrong with having a "rants and raves" forum here where users can go wild with the personal insults knowing what they are going to get into. And furthermore if someone really has a problem with something in a thread they can protest by starting a flame war or insulting a poster and then feel the consequence of their actions by enduring a week long ban but at least they get their opinion out there.

Anyway thank you to Reggie for making this an issue so users at least know what kind of behavior is expected here.
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Originally Posted by euchreprof View Post
How old are you? 80?
I thought the title of this topic was "No room for Personal Attacks". Looks like a failure.
"Bois la Mondeuse, pète la dameuse. Qui bois la gnôle, casse la bagnole"
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Originally Posted by rheve View Post
I thought the title of this topic was "No room for Personal Attacks". Looks like a failure.
^ LoL...

And mobiledivide would that forum happen to start with a Ho and end with a Fo?

I have been a moderator there for over 4 years now. It is the Grand Daddy of enthusiasts forums with members ranging from 10 year olds with their first cell phone to Network Engineers and Company CEO's so the rules need a strict interpretation in order for the front page of the forum to be useful for all.
Our flaming thread in one of the forums is the longest running, most active thread on Howard's.

It was set up for just this sort of thing. Once another thread goes off topic with one of these squabbles the offenders are reminded by other members to take it there to sort out their "feelings"

The rules against profanity and slander still apply and for us yahoos looking for entertainment it sometimes beats TV, LoL. In other words, it gives the squabblers a place to voice their frustrations with each other without bogging down an otherwise useful thread.
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YoDude and mobiledivide are making a lot of sense here...
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C'mon Karel & Tex, haven't you reread the good ole Usenet Troll FAQ I posted a while ago during the Sapporo epic ?

If you two go sulking aside for your own philosophical reasons, this dive won't be the same, and the trolls win, which is the usual (and pursued) result. Think it through.

The saddest part of this local mini-drama, IMHO, is that this thread, and the 6/11 one that created it, have been the main activity here for the past few days, and even entertaining to some, for lack of much else of interest. And *that* is not the fault of any one of us, or Reggies', or even the trolls'. It's the same empty echoes on the maemo mailing lists, and it's because not much of anything has been happening in Nokia land since the soothing promises of some months ago. Meanwhile, the rest of the world is awash with projects spanning the gap between UMPCs and the Nokia tablets : Palm Foleo, Fujitsu clamshell, VIA NanoBook, Asus Eee...

Maybe we should try to keep our crosshairs on the real problems : the big wave is coming, and we're stuck dead in the water.
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