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I have the latest version of vpnc and vpnc-gui installed and they both work great, with one pretty big issue yet to be resolved. Vpnc connects just fine and the connections remains established, but within 5 minutes connectivity stops. I had no idea what was wrong until I found this thread:

This thread outlines my problem, I also posted my problem to this thread, but it seems old and I got no responses. It also sounds like the problem was solved and added to the repos, but clearly the problem persists.

I've been able to determine that the problem is caused by some weirdness going on with the routing table. Vpnc is deleting the default route on wlan0 just fine and establishing a new default route on tun0, but within 5 minutes the old default route is back alongside the tun0 default route, but the wlan0 default route takes precedence and is listed on top of the tun0 default route. I can re-establish connectivity by issuing:

route del default
which deletes the topmost default route only, which for me is the wlan0 route. This works very reliably, but is incredibly impractical because I have to execute it every ~5 minutes.

So my question is: is there a way to disable, either temporarily or permanently, the auto-re-creation of the default wlan0 route? What is re-creating the route? I can't find any running process that would do this.

I've been looking into establishing multiple routing tables to maybe get both default routes to happily coexist, but it seems more complicated than the problem at hand. I can't be the only one with this problem as I can imagine it causes people problems in other areas besides the vpn.

PS: I'm running the latest release of diablo (maemo 4.1...)

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