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Originally Posted by MaemoUser View Post
Battery arrived from Italy:

It only took 5 days including weekend and public holiday.
Thanks for sharing your experience! Thanks to your report, I checked and found out that my battery is slightly swollen as well, so it is not safe to use.

Could you please describe how difficult the workaround was and where did you buy the needed parts?

PS: I wonder if it's a problem with the Jolla C battery, or the fact that Jolla C has been overheating for me much more frequently than Jolla 1.
I don't understand why would anyone use a random, insecure, proprietary chatting solution as WhatsApp, when you have so many safe and open alternatives.
Please, don't use it. If this doesn't convince you, read more here.
The worst thing is even if you don't use it, it takes one ***** who does and has your number in his/her contacts and your number is uploaded to servers of this insane company for 'anyone interested' to read.
Thumbs up for everyone supporting WhatsApp on Maemo. NOT

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I am not done with the process yet . I just ordered the missing parts.

I gonna use this copper thing to make the contacts and some thin cables. I will make pictures of the progress. But most likely not before the weekend.

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Here you go, my thread for the spare battery.

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Jolla ‏@JollaHQ 8時間8時間前

@ch8234 Please stay tuned for our future announcements. We have promised more community devices for this year! Fingers crossed ;-)

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Hi everyone, been looking high and low, but couldn't find any Jolla C specific data... anyone knows which earpiece should I look for in order to replace the one in mine?

Volume during audio calls is just too low and crap and the few software commands I found didn't work or made any difference.


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jolla c, sailfish os

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