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Still using it as my main, and basically only (usable) phone. So I am in

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I just booted mine. The very first thing i will do is that i will change Nokia boot logo with the Maemo Flyby one, I really miss that boot video.

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Man, i forgot almost everything about Maemo or the N900!
Already botched the desktop a couple of times, because of it.

Gpodder is just starting to pull the podcast, i am listening to during the walks with the dogs and during working hours. Already re-appritiate the multitasking again!!!

But i am not so sure, if i get Modest to work... 'Advanced Search' should be my friend, i hope.

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Surprise, surprise. Multithreading and multitasking Dave is back and the world sill's going around. That all makes me happy.

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Originally Posted by cHeXs7eR View Post
Nope, I don't work at IKEA, just having a walk in search of bargains

Well... at the moment I'm having quite a bad time with my N900... I'm facing my first brick , I tell the full story in this thread, if you can help me.

Anyway, I am really happy with my phone, and once I reflash it I'm planning to using it as my main one. Long life N900!
UPDATE: Revived and ready to go! Starting in two days...

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still primary device for me since September '15 after compiling mighty Taskwarrior. Thanks, hwkbd!

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  1. The n900 camera is still an order of magnitude better than my BQ E5 UBUNTU.
  2. The n900 is far more secure than BQ E5 UBUNTU which is hackable
  3. because it has a hardware keyboard I still use it for managing corporate servers
Three n900s: One for stable working platform,
One for development testing Chopping Onions
One for saltwater immersion power testing resurrected ! parts scavenging

My Mods for Wonko's Advanced Clock Plugin:
ISO8601 clock mod and Momental_IST clock mod

Printing your Email with the N900

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Coincidently, I charged my N900 five days ago without knowing there was this N900 week. Just wanted to boot it and fiddle with it, check what applications are still useful, this kind of stuff.

Everything is working correctly on mine, except the battery is dead and runs out very quickly, and needs an external charger afterwards (the USB charger is not enough when the battery is completely flat). I just miss applications for Qremotecontrol and Slack, or browser compatible with Slack (I tried all on extras, none works correctly with

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Mine is still up and running as main and only phone since January 2010.

I expect to create soon a Docker image for N900 build chain and compile latest sync-evolution with hope to work-around a calendar sync issue with ownCloud. I have also plans to build netsurf.

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happy to see so many n900 users!

just played a quick game of chess on my n900. never even seen the
game during all the years with n900. Far better than pokemon Go

One day to go!
Do something for the climate today! Anything!

I don't trust poeple without a Nokia n900...I'm also supporting Apple 2016 or until Jolla fully refund or ship the jPad to all backers and supports!

"waited over a year for no tablet and then the same again for potential refund? inspires confidence!"

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