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So, after tearing apart the Jolla C to repair the headphone jack once more.... I saw something that I didn't see before.

There are 3 soldering points with the tag NFC on it...
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Might be worth tearing open a Jolla 1 for comparison shots?

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There's a thread with a teardown by der_pepe (edit: of the original Jolla) here [1]
He posted some pics of the interior here [2].

And here's the bit about NFC from the first post:
•The NFC controller it’s an PN544 (labeled as 44701) manufactured by NXP Semiconductors.
It supports read/write of ISO 14443–A, 14443-B, MIFARE, FeliCa and NFC Forum tags, and
it can emulate such devices. There’s a good chance it’s already hooked up into the I2C bus, so it
might be “hacked” and be used for something else than just reading TOHs
The Jolla Blog did a write-up of it (which was easier to find on Google)[3].

Edit: there's a few related threads TJC (regarding JollaC and NFC), the last of which from last month [4][5][6].



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I'm an electronics noob ...

So, if there's a chip already there, NFC capability might be added by simply soldering an antenna to the contacts?

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