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Originally Posted by chenliangchen View Post
The more I see those unreleased the more sad I feel about Nokia's un-wise moves and poor decisions.
I totally blame Symbian.
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Originally Posted by n950 View Post
when i try to run fennec it load and no application run i don't know why i need to try again...
Is this Maemo/MeeGo Proto Software stable or unstable?
The other apps work?

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I just set my wife up with a Oneplus phone, wiped it for LineageOS(Cyanogen) no Google, f-Droid app repo, and app-dl the rest of what she needed.
I still rock a N900 and it is starting to feel old(browser, NFC, >/=BT4.0), but while the Oneplus is nice in my reflashed config it is down a different less hacker friendly path from Maemo5 and forward in what I imagine is a cooler timeline. Until the asteroid hits and wipes everyone out.

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