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Hello people i need your help, i have n9 16gb with pr1.2. I installed firefox and flash player from nokia store, and it working fine till i got firefox update alert ,when ever i tried to update it after downloading , every time update is failed and said application is unusable. This is third time that i uninstalled the firefox and flash player and reinstalled it .. Firfox version is and update version is .
does anyone facing the same problem.please help


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Do you have the apps for meego client, or similar third party repositories installed?
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Yes, I had this problem too. Uninstalling firefox from manage applications in Settings and installing again from Nokia store solve this. You don't have to reinstall flashplayer.

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I think so , please elaborate, i download n9 application only from nokia store.
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I done this uninstalling and reinstalling 3 times. The version downloaded from nokia store is and it works fine . Till the update appears And after downloading a 25 mb update it failed to update. What version of firefox you have voancea ?
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sorry voancea my mistake this time is done . Thanks man
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I don't really get where comes from. There is no such release (yet).
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version is the only version that updates fine and without uninstalling/re-installing for me!

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