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Poll: Have you had charging or USB problems with your N900
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Have you had charging or USB problems with your N900

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hey everyone who uses the external charger and replaces batteries instead of using the (absent) usb port. I did the same but I observe some weird stuff concerning battery swap. I did not pay much attention to it before, but now it is strange sometimes. please tell me if you observe something like this. the important part is that my condensator battery is dead (I have to re-input date and time every time).

so, strange situation #1: when I put in fully-charged battery, I get my phone to vibrate shortly, show nokia logo for few seconds (no backlight) and go to black screen WITHOUT me pressing any buttons and _immediately_ after battery touches the metal. I don't recall a turned off N900 reacting in any way to battery connection.

strange situation #2: battery completely drained, phone turns off. a few moments later it happens again: vibrate - nokia logo - power off - repeat (loop). it happened only once but why? it looks like a infinite reboot loop (except no backlight) but once you put a fully charged battery it goes back online without any strange behaviour.
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