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same thing tryed
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Ugh, that's no good then. You said it worked before and now it doesn't? I wish I could help you further then but at this point I don't know how you could fix it except maybe triple check that its seated correctly. *shrug*
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Someone merge this with the other one...

We really don't need two threads for the same issue from the same person.

As for the sim card... is it the right way around? did you enter the pin? Does it work in a different device? etc...

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gosh no idea what to do bc i got from macmall and he said i also got 2 year warranty from nokia,but it was working awsome,i wish they had a master reset so i could start from the beggining so if its the same thing then im going to repair place so they take a look at it,anybody know how i completly can make my phone hard reset?so its starts from the begging?
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i took the sim out and put it back in and made sure its in correctly and the metal peace is lock properly and never had a problem with it since
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omg hey russian drink some vodka and then it will work
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hey it helps everytime i hit a shot its getting closer for me to throw the phone into the wall ,gosh i hate this sh8t,i think my phone got a problem with the sim card reader,i dont know
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Originally Posted by ruskie View Post
Someone merge this with the other one...
Threads merged.
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I have the same issue.
What was the outcome of your problem?

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