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Originally Posted by Ken-Young View Post
I'll buy two sets, for my two N900s. I sure hope you can do this! Nothing would make me happier (which is really quite sad...).
Ken couldn't have said it better. I have also had sad moments dreaming of an n900 in the body of an e7. Do you remember all the images of the n9 that turned out to be the e7? Gutted I was.

I'll take the full body and a standard back if I may. I don't doubt for a second that you will sell hundreds if not thousands.

This is in keeping with the community spirit. It has long since been a nokia product and has become a maemo community product and anything that can make it better than nokia could've ever imagined is alright in my book.

Bring it on!

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Flat back cover for me and may have the full body cover when it's near to release thank you.

Any rendered sample images of what the final product mite look like?
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+1 for a stronger kickstand

I too would prefer a wider stand like the n810 or at least center mounted to created a three point stand. The n900 is a little too wobly for screen input IMO.

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embed/engrave maemo logo like the one on otterbox.

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Whatever, I would buy the $150 version.
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I would love and probably buy both versions.
And in addition to antenna connectors etc. it ,would be really awesome if you found a way to incorporate a full size usb port into the cover.

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I'd be interested in either the extended battery back cover or the flat cover....

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I think almost everybody is interested , i would like a Dual cover also.

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I'm in!

About the kickstand: I know it's ALMOST useless on the N900, but let me offer a suggestion. Using the phone for two years I've gotten used to using the kickstand as a "phone finger holder". For example, I put my left (I'm a rightie) index finger through the open kickstand, which allows me to hold the phone with only one finger, even if I move my hands around (try it, it's very secure - no warranty if it falls off :-). This comes in very handy when I'm using the N900 but need my hands (mostly my right hand) free for a few moments (getting off the bus, etc). Just something to consider...

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You forgot the most precious feature. 2.5 mm charging port so that we can charge without straining the USB.
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