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So about three years ago, when I started using FileBox, I really liked the black folder icons of the Black Plastic theme, but preferred the other icons of the Humanity theme.

So I did some very basic fiddling in GIMP, to make gray-scaled, Black Plastic folder icon equivalents of all of the folder type icons that the Humanity theme had available which Black Plastic did not have. I meant to put them up here for anyone to grab who wanted them, or maybe even throw it up as a FileBox theme in the repository, I just never got around to it.

So yeah... I don't even use FileBox anymore (switched to Hamster Filer), but I didn't want to just toss these away in case anyone out there wanted to use them, so here they are.

It's really nothing impressive, but I enjoyed having it as my theme when FileBox was my main N900 filebrowser. Someday I might get around to actually putting it in the repos and maintaining it properly, but until then, here it is. For the time being I am just leaving it here for anyone who wants to use it with no plans of coming back to it in the foreseeable future.

BlackHumanity.tar.gz contains the entire mashed-up theme - all Humanity icons, except the Black Plastic folder icons which were copied over where available, and made by me where equivalents were not available. The only other edit is that I gray-scaled the circular arrow in the orient_auto.png file, because I'm a fan of gray-ness and liked it better that way. This is useful if you wanted to just drop it into the FileBox theme folder and set FileBox to use it as a theme immediately.

BlackHumanityEditsIconsOnly.tar.gz contains just the folder icons I made, and the aforementioned edited orient_auto.png file, in case someone wants to grab just that and not download the entire 'theme' folder.

[Edit] Found this too:
BlackHumanityEditsIconsXFCs.tar.gz contains the .xfc files for the folder icons, where I had things on multiple layers and stuff which is obviously much more useful for making edits or doing other things with them, than the .png files.

Last edited by Mentalist Traceur; 2013-10-19 at 17:14. Reason: Edit 1: Oops forgot to attach the actual files. Edit 2: Added .xfc files

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how to use those icons, where to copy?
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Originally Posted by seanmcken View Post
how to use those icons, where to copy?
I no longer remember off the top of my head, and my secondary N900 (on which I don't mind installing and uninstalling stuff just to check that) is currently incapacitated, but I took the time to search, download the FileBox .deb, extract data.tar from it, and look at the file path of the FileBox themes, so the answer is:


is where the FileBox theme files reside. So if you want to just drop the BlackHumanity folder in, you'd just copy it to that location (so you'd have /opt/filebox/icons/BlackHumanity/*

If you wanted to insert the individual icons into another FileBox theme, you'd put them into their respective locations in one of the other folders already in /opt/filebox/icons/

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any chance of some screenshots?
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Originally Posted by Android_808 View Post
any chance of some screenshots?
At this time, no, because I am putting this out there as a "I made this, I don't have the time or care to do anything with it at this time, so I'll just leave this here for anyone who does" sort of thing.

Other people are welcome to produce some. It's also extremely easy to imagine - Black-plastic and Humanity themes are included with FileBox. If you're using FileBox already (and if not, why would you want this?), you have access to them and know what they look like. Just imagine the Humanity theme, but with the Black-plastic folders, and that's essentially all there is to it besides the exact appearance of the extra folder icons that were missing that I myself slapped together, and one of the .tar.gz files is literally just those icons, and downloading and viewing those in your image viewer of choice is only minimally more out of the way than seeing a screenshot.

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