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anybody get speed forge to save yet? anyone know where i can buy the 1.0.2 version? I tried going to HP's site and tried the sms thing but it doesnt work.
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Will download this and from the looks of it, it looks awesome!
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just for the record, installing preenv games will use some of your application space (also called /home/user or /opt)

i have 21 of 25 games installed, and its using 100mb of it with games data and save files

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Regarding the Driver issue, try saving the .ipk directly into somewhere with native file system (anywhere you got space to spare that isn't using FAT32) and installing from there, that did it for me.
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Anyone else having X-Plane (the plain one) crashing to desktop on launch?
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Guys, I'm working on all issues reported. Thanks for the feedback.
Next update plan:
- Change unpacking method (possibly this will decrease chance of FAT32 errors)
- Auto remove MyGames/Games from tracker's watched directories.
- Fix issues with some games.
- Add new games (thanks for contributions on this thread)
- Add new translations (thanks to translators here)

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i cant install hero of sparta

can someone tell me why?
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Here is the screeny and ini file for World Series of Poker 3. The image in this post is just so you can see it. The image is in the archive as well.

I have it zipped up in a folder called gamesinfo with the correct folder structure so you can extract it straight to /usr/share/wgames. Or extract it somewhere else and copy/paste it into /usr/share/wgames.

Game installed perfectly for me.
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Everybody wants to go to heaven..............but nobody wants to go now.

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Originally Posted by normaltusker View Post
@divan @cloud596 I used Maemodder to set MyDocs as executable but the game now crashes even before it can show the splash or start the game actually!
The same problem. With all games.
Did you solve this problem?

Edit: problem solved.

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I made support files for both Angry Birds and Angry Birds Seasons. The required files are in the attached .zip file. They are both tested and seem to work. There seems to be one problem with the program though, it seems to only show 400x150 images although the documentation says that they needs to 450x150. I made the pictures 450x150 but currently 50 pixels are cut off.
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easy to manage, games, lame idea, preenv, runs crappy

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